NOW OPEN, through November 24, 2016

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One long war? This exhibit takes visitors to back in time for an introspective journey of more than 40 years of resistance and survival. Explore the tactics the Seminoles used to fight the U.S. government. Discover the tools they needed to survive in the hidden Everglades hammocks. Hear the Seminole voices to a history largely written by others, oral histories of stories and traditions passed on from the war years recorded by today’s Tribal members. Imagine stepping into the Grey Cloud, a sidewheel steamer charted for Oklahoma, and read the courageous story of those who escaped. See the Buckskin Declaration, which was presented to President Eisenhower in 1954, and read for yourself the declaration of sovereignty and the right of the Seminoles to live their lives as they see culturally fit. This is one exhibit you don’t want to miss in 2016!