Earth Day Event at Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum and Seminole Okalee Village Indian & Museum

Tuesday, April 18, 2023 9am - 6pm at Okalee Village
Thursday April 20, 2023, 10a-4pm and Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

Join us for 2 Free Events!

Enjoy Earth Day the Native way! Join the Seminole Tribe of Florida's Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum and the Seminole Okalee Indian Village and Museum as we showcase live performances from Barry Big Mountain and the Iron Horse Dancers that will perform songs and dances of the American Indian, Seminole Native musical performances by Rez Jamz.

In addition to our native craft and tribal food vendors, there will be several special non-profit organizations joining the celebration including
Museum of Discovery and Science, History Miami Museum, Hendry Glades Audubon, Tree Amigos Growers, Florida Trail Association, and NASA that will be sharing specialized Earth friendly activities, educational workshops, gardening tips, and tricks from experts with very green thumbs!

The day will be filled with Guided Nature Walks, Guided Bird Watch Walks, Craft Activities, and environmental presentations. Surround yourself in nature and Seminole culture and enjoy Earth Day the Native Way!

iron horse dancers 3
iron horse dancers 4
iron horse dancers 2
iron horse dancers 1

More about the Iron Horse Dancers!
The Iron Horse Dancers are Big Mountain Family and extended family that are dancers from different parts of the country showing their style. This educational program shows the beauty of Native America and explains each style before they perform and shares their story about each dancer. Learn the connection with song and dance to the earth and the animals and relationship with the earth and everything on it in respect and a celebration of life!- In honor of my father Iron Horse! Iron Horse Dancers!!

Bonus! For those looking to tour the Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum during the event on April 20, enjoy this special day of free admission. This is limited to self-guided tours. Guided tours will not be available on this day.

According to, Earth Day aims to “build the world's largest environmental movement to drive transformative change for people and the planet.” The movement's mission is “to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide.”

Earth Day Maggie Mae HS Winner Eye of the Panther
Earth Day Hans Rose Art
Earth Day Ahfachkee presenter
Earth Day Honey
Earth Day Vendor Clean
Earth Day Ahfachkee Banana

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Food Vendor


Historic photo of Josie Billie in the garden at Okalee Indian Village in Hollywood, Florida.

2023 TBA
10am - 4pm

Gates Open

Clay Pottery Craft Activity

Exhibit Tables Open

Bird Tours (register at exhibitors' table)

Poetry Workshop (behind Museum)

Poetry Workshop Reading (On Stage)

Yoga with Wei (on Boardwalk Hunting Camp)

Bead Craft Activity

Rez Jamz on Stage

Rez Jamz on Stage

Yoga with Wei (on Boardwalk Hunting Camp)

Clay Seed Bomb Activity

Recycle Art Contest Winners Announced

About Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum

The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum opened in 1997 and is owned and operated by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Situated in the Everglades on a 66-acre cypress dome on the Big Cypress Seminole Indian Reservation, the museum offers more than 5,000 square feet of gallery space. Exhibits feature rare artifacts and lifelike dioramas that depict Seminole life at the turn of the century. In 2009, the Museum became the first tribally governed museum to be accredited by the American Association of Museums. For more information, visit and follow the museum on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum is located at 34725 W. Boundary Road, Clewiston, Florida.

About the Seminole Okalee Indian Village & Museum