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Jim Patrick, Head of Exhibitions
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The Ah-Tah-Thi-Ki Museum is committed to building and maintaining the highest quality of exhibits that interpret Seminole culture and history, inspiring an appreciation and understanding of the Seminole people. The Museum features five different exhibit galleries for our visitors to explore and learn about the Seminole Tribe and its history. The permanent galleries provide a glimpse into life as a Seminole in the 1890s and provide a historical starting point for visitors. The temporary exhibits in our changing galleries allow for in-depth examination of topics as well as exploration of contemporary Seminole life. Many of our past exhibits are available to other institutions in the form of Traveling Exhibits.

Don’t miss our exciting film, We Seminoles! As you enter the Museum, you will have the opportunity to view a dramatic five-screen presentation on the Seminole Tribe of Florida. This film includes recreated historical scenes, interviews with Seminole Tribal members, and information on how this vibrant culture thrives today. It’s an incredible audio and visual experience... fun for the whole family!

No trip to the Museum would be complete without a trip around our beautiful boardwalk through the cypress dome!



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