The Mosaic Gallery is an ongoing collaborative exhibit space that features a rotation of displays featuring the artistic talents of Seminole Tribal members of all ages including students from the Tribal schools, or work from artists closely associated with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.


"Home is Where the Heart Is" Exhibit Opening and Reception June 8, 2022

Ahfachkee School
K-12th Grade

Home is Where the Heart Is_Vase

This year’s Ahfachkee art exhibition is a colorful showcase capturing the excitement of being back in the art studio after emerging from the COVID lockdown. This exhibition showcases several independent pieces as well as two elaborate collaborative works.

When the reservation went into lockdown, it robbed students of their sense of community and their sense of home. As a result, this artwork is a response to students’ reaction returning to campus and working together towards a unified goal.

Home is Where the Heart Is_Deer

One of the highlights in this exhibit, "Stained Glass," is a larger synergetic piece inspired by Italian architect Antoni Gaudi. The structure is composed of 20 windows constructed with tissue paper, each personalized by individual students. Artist Jim Dine inspires our other collective display. An array of
over-sized colorful hearts, each with their own expression, form a powerful statement of love and unity.

This year’s show speaks volumes of working together after coming out of a long period of isolation; students working hand and hand, pouring their hearts out on paper, canvas, and plaster.

Mrs. Jennifer Brittingham
Ahfachkee Art Instructor