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Children's Clothing

Traditionally, children’s clothes were of a simple design. And many pieces still are. Children are seen in skirts, shirts, or simple dresses. After all, children are pretty rough on their clothes. They also grow pretty quickly, so investing a lot of time in outfit they will grow out before they wear out is not worthwhile. However, there is always room for trendy and unique pieces; and older kids do not grow as quickly. Like most other kid Seminole children will have special outfits for special events and ceremonies. For Green Corn Ceremony, many people will dress in shiny fabrics. This is particularly true for children as it makes them easier to find by firelight.


In many Seminole families, young girls will also learn to sew and make patchwork from their mothers, grandmothers, and/or aunts. Even as a young woman grows up, pursues a career and, perhaps, does not have much time to sew, she will still know the basics of creating clothes for her and her family. While not as many women pursue a career as a patchwork seamstress, there are usually several women in each generation that becomes known for their work.