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Menswear, such as vests, jackets, and medicine shits can be worn more for fashion while women’s clothing is created based on everyday functions from cooking, chores, casual daywear, and dancing. Long skirts, above the ankle, are commonly used when cooking over the open fire help create a barrier between the heat and skin. For example, floor length skirts are typically used for a more formal event like in ceremonies or proper dinners. Short skirts, just below the knee, are the most common of the younger tribal girls and to be worn as part of the everyday outfit. Of course, depending on the generation, dress length can vary.

Patchwork clothing was created, in need, by inventive Seminole women with little sense of influence from the larger American culture. It was (and is) a wholly unique technique with its own look. Through tourism patchwork became synonymous with the Seminoles – particularly Florida Seminoles. As the Seminoles prospered and have made gains in their autonomy, patchwork has become a way of indicating pride and belonging. Amidst the great setbacks, adaptations, and ultimate good fortune there is a core cultural identity and rituals that survives. Patchwork is a vibrant visual symbol of that survival.