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Governor Moultrie’s letter to Cowkeeper offers friendship but betrays the hostility of the time.

In the library you can flip through photo binders showing copies of thousands of photographs, many taken by the Seminole Tribune. The photos of Seminole people, events, locations, and lives go back over 100 years.

Thousands of photos need to be identified, organized, housed and labeled.
Newspapers like these spread news of the Seminole War across the country.
  • Request photos of family and friends. Do your own search or ask us for help. We provide digital or printed photos. We can even bring all the binders to you if you prefer not to visit us.
  • Look through copies of the award winning Seminole Tribune that go back to the early 1980’s. It’s sure to take you down memory lane.
  • See historic documents, books and maps in the archive. Over 200 years of history is represented here.
  • Learn about over 1000 newspapers that show the propaganda, racism and genocide perpetrated against indigenous people throughout this country’s history.
  • Witness what it takes to preserve these things for future generations. Help us to fulfill our mission!