Seeing Red: Services & Safe Spaces

Services and Safe Spaces for Survivors & Families

Sovereign Bodies Institute: Direct Services for Indigenous Survivors + MMIP Families
National Suicide Prevention Hotline
Strong Hearts Native Hotline for Domestic Abuse
National Domestic Abuse Hotline
National Human Trafficking Hotline
National Center for Victims of Crime
Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Shelter Resources
Lakota People’s Law Project: MMIW Resource Guide
Trafficking Victims Assistance Program
National Trafficking Sheltered Alliance
Directory of Local Resources for Domestic Violence Survivors
Federal Funding for American Indian & Alaska Native Victim Services

Resources on Legal Aid

● National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center Legal Advocacy
● Coast to Coast Legal Aid
● Savanna’s Act 2020
● Reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act 2022
● Federal Funding for MMIP Projects
● Not Invisible Act 2020

Connecting Environmental Exploitation and Violence Against Native Bodies

● Building an Indigenous Response to Environmental Violence
● Indigenous Women and Environmental Violence
● A study on missing & murdered Indigenous women and girls in states impacted by the Keystone XL pipeline

Combating the Crisis and Organizing to Find Our Relatives

● Resources for Families of Missing American Indian and Alaska Native Adults
● Take Action: First Steps to Take When a Loved One Goes Missing

● National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center
○ Toolkit MMIW Toolkit for Families and Communities
○ MMIW Database of Response Contacts
● Sovereign Bodies Institute
○ MMIWG2 + MMIP Organizing Toolkit
○ MMIW Database

● Working Together to Enhance the Safety of Native Women: Trafficking & Prostitution as Crimes of Sexual Violence
● Tools for Transformation Guide - Becoming Accessible, Culturally Responsive, and Trauma-Informed Organizations