The Mosaic Gallery is an ongoing collaborative exhibit space that features a rotation of displays featuring the artistic talents of Seminole Tribal members of all ages including students from the Tribal schools, or work from artists closely associated with the Seminole Tribe of Florida.


Graffiti and Street Art: Expressions of Community Pride, 2021

Art ceases to be art without freedom of expression. Graffiti and street art provide a venue for this freedom. Our current Mosaic Gallery exhibition celebrates this art form and the Tribal Members who produce it.
At the beginning of the Covid lockdown, artist Alyssa Osceola used the abandoned Big Cypress Bingo Hall to make a statement about the resiliency of the Seminole people. Alyssa recovered her 11’x20’ mural during the destruction of the building. It now serves as an eye-catching centerpiece of this exhibition.

Also included is a program featuring artist Wilson Bowers. He has anonymously produced dozens of murals and iconic images at several locations on Big Cypress. His commentary now provides insight to the motivation, determination, and thoughtful messaging these pieces provide.

The Seminole artists featured in this exhibition produce thought invoking artwork. In many cases, it delivers a message; in others, it simply brings beauty and humor where it otherwise would have none. The visuals are a means to encourage, educate, and celebrate the history and culture of the Seminole people. This exhibition will run through November 2021.